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Henge - The Donkey


30/11/2018 Standing
(plus Booking Fee - 0.80)


After touring much of the galaxy Henge arrived in the city of Manchester creating a club night called Space Cassette with the much respected Age Of Glass. The night has become well known across much of the UK and put the name Henge in the minds of many music lovers and festival goers with their genre of music mysteriously dubbed 'cosmic dross'
Combining earth-made instruments such as drums, guitar, keys with more etheric sounds and instruments Henge have created a dance music sound as infectious as a heavy dose of Ebola. Lyrically quirky, they discuss themes such as water, space travel and the need for humankind to demilitarise. In July 2017 they released their 'Cosmic Dross' on Love Records, a five track EP of electronic madness unique and captivating that quickly helped them gain popularity with the alternative festival community.
Having toured much of the UK they have also turned their attentions to several European countries and even played a few shows in Australia. Key shows so far have been Beatherder, Bluedot, Shambala and Boomtownbut 2018 will be a bigger year in terms of releases and tour dates. A must for venues and festivals who want to create an unforgettable night.


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